About Counseling Kids and Adults

We believe that taking care of our clients starts with taking care of ourselves!

A message from the owner ~ 

      "I wanted to become a therapist because there were those that helped me when I struggled in

      my life and I wanted to give back to the community, what was so freely given to me."

      "When I began school as a therapist and was interning, my household income was below the   

      federal poverty limit and I was forced to depend on welfare medical assistance and visited the

      food shelf to survive. I worked in my internship at a small private practice and I was paid next

      to nothing. Therefore, I could not do things to take good care of myself and family, could not

      afford time off, intern, I could not take good care of my family and my clients. At the end of

      the day I had nothing to give. I decided that I was never going to treat others the way I was

      treated. For this reason, I have decided to ensure providers at Counseling Kids and Adults are

      paid really well and feel valued and supported."

      "The best way I can ensure that the clients that reach out for help get the best care, is to take

      the best care that I can of the providers that work with our clients. I believe that providers

      deserve to make enough money to take adequate time off, do fun things with their own

      families, have money to pay back student debt, can afford healthcare of their own, and have the

      ability to invest in their retirement. I also noticed, while in training, that many providers refuse

      to work with children and teens and this made me very sad! We were all once children or teens

      and who are we to say that we can't help the children of our future, it is our duty as community

      servants! For this reason ALL of our providers work with children of ALL ages and we are

      proud to do so! It can be challenging to meet all the needs of a family, but we try our best, our

     imperfect best!" 

                            Sincerely, Carla McKean MA LMFT, LADC

We believe that modeling is the best teacher! We believe that we cannot be good role models if we do not take good care of ourselves first. Not in a selfish way, but in a similar way that we practice surviving on an airplane, we put our oxygen mask on before we help others because if we are not alive and well, we cannot take care of those we care about. At Counseling Kids and Adults, we take  care of our providers so that they can take good care of themselves. Providers that are able to do good self-care, will be the best example to their clients and be able to withstand the many stressors that therapy can bring. 

We help families, couples, and individuals of all ages overcome mental health issues, relationship problems and return to a joy filled life. We are unique because all of our providers are either trained or working toward training in diagnosing children ages 0-5 and love working with children of all ages. Many mental health providers refuse to work with children or teens. Not us! We believe that since we were all once children, it is our duty to help people just like us, because it is the right thing to do!

The path to becoming a licensed mental health and addiction provider can be a long exhausting path, that can lead to poverty and mental health issues. It can take up to 5 or more years from the time we start a master's or doctorate until we become fully licensed. Providers are required to complete 700 hours of internship while we are in school and 4,000 hours after we get our degree before we can even get a license to practice independently. Many agencies pay very little to providers, especially, until they obtain the full independent license as either a psychologist, marriage and family therapist, licensed independent clinical social worker or licensed clinical professional counselor.  We believe that all individuals that feel valued are generally more satisfied in their career and life. We show appreciation to our providers by paying and treating them well. Our providers have the ability to set their own schedule and take adequate time off to recharge and do good self-care.